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Booking Policies & FAQ

Booking Information


All appointments require a non-refundable deposit. Once your appointment date has been set I will send you my bank details. Please send me a screenshot of your deposit and remember to put your tattoo appointment date (e.g. 1 July) as the reference.
Your deposit amount comes off the total price of your tattoo and is non-refundable. You can reschedule your appointment once without losing your deposit with at least three days notice. Short notice or repeat rescheduling will require a new deposit to be paid. Last-minute cancellations or no-shows will forfeit your deposit.


My day rate is $1,200 and runs from 10am until 5pm (or later). This can be used for several smaller tattoos or larger projects.

Smaller Tattoo Pricing

  • Small fine line heart, sentence, symbol - $150-250

  • Bouquet of fine-line flowers or palm-sized butterfly - $400-600

  • Realistic portrait (hand-sized or smaller) - $1,200-$1,500

  • Custom lettering on the face/neck/fingers/chest - $400+

Prices are non-negotiable. I am always happy to work within your budget and design something you can afford, so please let me know this in your initial email. If you are looking for a 'cheap' tattoo, I am definitely not the artist for you.

Before Your Appointment


To help your appointment run smoothly and to make sure you are as comfortable as possible for your tattoo - please DO the following before your appointment:

  • Read my booking information.

  • Check your emails/DM's in the lead-up to the appointment. 

  • Shave the area being tattooed on the day of your appointment (if you can). Do not shave any earlier if the body part is not used to being shaved as you may develop a shaving rash and this could impact the tattoo healing. If you are getting your head or face tattooed please see a Barber prior to your appointment.

  • Come to your appointment well rested.

  • Eat a substantial meal!!

  • Bring lollies (or something sugary) and panadol/nurofen to help with the pain (for long sessions) if you are concerned about this.

  • Wear (or bring) comfortable clothes suitable for the area being tattooed, please contact me if you are not sure what to wear. 

  • For long sessions - bring headphones, a phone charger, and anything you like to entertain yourself and feel comfortable for the day.

  • Remember to take my professional advice when it comes to the design.


  • Use numbing cream! I will not tattoo you if you have numbing cream on. If you are worried about the pain please speak to me to discuss your options.

  • Drink alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment as it will cause you to bleed excessively and impact on the tattoo process and healing.

  • Arrive under the influence of drugs/alcohol as this creates issues around consent.

  • Come to your appointment sick or sunburnt as you will not be getting tattooed.

  • Bring anyone with you to your appointment. I do my best work when I am not distracted and can focus my attention entirely on my customer and the tattoo I am doing. Please speak to me before your appointment if you want to bring anyone with you.

  • Come to your appointment without eating beforehand.

  • Make your appointment on a day where you have other commitments, tattoos take time and I will not sacrifice the quality of your tattoo by rushing.

  • Haggle, negotiate, or ask for a discount.

After Care


After your tattoo you have the option of using either glad wrap or second skin/derm. I recommend trying different methods of aftercare to see what works best for you to give you the best healed results possible.

Some general healing tips for the first 2 weeks:

  • Keep it clean!!! 

  • You can re wrap your tattoo in glad wrap for the first night to ensure nothing accidentally touches it, risking an infection.

  • Wash your tattoo and apply a thin layer of aftercare 2-3 times daily.

  • Remember your tattoo is an open wound, treat it accordingly! Do not let anyone touch it or put your fresh tattoo near anything dirty.

  • Stay out of spas, pools, baths, saunas, the ocean and direct sunlight for the first two weeks.

  • While it heals it will peel off and feel itchy, avoid peeling or scratching your healing tattoo.

  • If your tattoo is red, painful or looks infected a few days into the healing process, you can use Savlon (from the chemist) in addition to your aftercare balm. 

  • If you use second skin, leave it on for 4 days then take it off gently in the shower and continue your normal aftercare described above until fully healed.


Your tattoo may need a follow up appointment to perfect the design. Everyone heals differently and tattoos can heal perfect on one person and imperfect on another despite the same artist doing the tattoo.
You may have trouble healing your tattoo and require a follow up session if you have:


  • sensitive skin or a skin condition, 

  • an auto-immune disease, 

  • allergies, 

  • a bleeding disorder (or are on blood thinners), 

  • are heavily medicated (e.g. receiving chemotherapy), 

  • are sick/unwell generally,

  • have trouble healing wounds, or 

  • are a heavy smoker. 

It is my intention to create the best work possible, so please send me a healed photo one month after your appointment so I can assess whether you need a follow up session to add or enhance any part of your tattoo.


Can you send me the design prior to my appointment?

Are you cash only?

When are you coming to my City?

No, I will show you the design on the day of your appointment and any changes you want to make can be made together in person.

I accept cash, eftpos and Afterpay. If you wish to use Afterpay you will need an Afterpay account already set up.

I regularly do conventions and guest spots in other cities. If you would like to request a booking please email me and keep an eye on my socials for dates.

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